Michael Murphy aka L.I.F.E, a born native of Chicago, IL fell in love with music at a very young age.  L.I.F.E soon began his jorney into hip hop at the age of twelve. Now residing in Madison, WI  L.I.F.Econtinues to go hard at his craft, his lyrical content ranges from everyday life situations to storytelling. Although the transition from Chicago to Madison was not easy and the road was tough,  L.I.F.Econtinued with his new found love...the art of hip hop.

Chop Hoffa

Adam Mitchell aka Chop Hoffa, born in Chicago, IL and later moved to Madison, WI. The youngest of six sibilings and Surrounded by musical talent through out the family, Chop soon picked up the art of producing and writing songs. From mix-tapes to albums Chop has proven that he has what it takes to remain in this industry. His passion for music goes deep and his drive for performance phenomenal.